Friday, June 26, 2020

Urbanica Inc. submits proposal for Parcel 8 in Roxbury

Urbanica Inc. is proud to announce it's proposal for the Parcel 8 site in Roxbury. Urbanica’s proposed project, Dubbed NUBA,  will create 35 affordable home-ownership units as well as 60 affordable rental units. It will also include 7 income restricted micro live-work units that can be used for educational, cultural, entertainment and artistic purposes. NUBA will also have a “Community Room” which will provide an indoor space for local groups and organizations to host programs and events. A portion of the lot will be used as a park of no less than 7,000 Sq. Ft for the community at the corner of Washington St and Melnea Cass Blvd that will recognize the historic character of the adjacent Nawn factory and Eustis Street Architectural Conservation District. This park space will include a sculpture garden, a water feature for the neighborhood youth and host programs and events for the community. 

NUBA will also include a satellite museum run by the National Center for African American Art. The museum will be a center for displaying African American art and culture. Included within the park will the what we are calling The Light Tower, A large pillar which will be used to display information, art and act as a landmark for the area.

NUBA is designed to foster a community of like-minded individuals that live, learn and support Roxbury. Urbanica would also provide financial benefits to non profit organizations and entrepreneurs within the community.  We are very excited for possible future of this project. Stay tuned for more news on NUBA.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Urbanica submits proposal for 273-287 Highland Street

Urbanica Inc. is proud to submit is proposal for 273-287 Highland Street, Boston. E+ Highland Street is proposed as a mixed income residential development with abundant green building features. The building program consists of 20 condo units, with a varied mix of lofts and two bedroom units. One third of the units will be affordable to households earning at or below 80% AMI, another third will be affordable to households earning at or below 100% AMI. The rest will be at market rate id .

The project is based on a philosophy of social and economic sustainability. Organized around a green, landscaped open space, its configuration is designed to minimize common circulation while providing neighborhood amenities and encouraging healthy and socially connected urban lifestyles.

Look out for new updates on this exciting project.

Urbanica Inc. submits proposal for 24 Westminster Avenue

Urbanica Inc is pleased to submit its proposal for 24 Westminster Avenue, Boston. The project proposed is  a compact residential development. The building consists of 9 residential units totaling around 8,000 Sq Ft with 5 on-site parking spots, bicycle parking, trash and additional service spaces. 

The building will have a starter loft for young homeowners and a multi-generational townhouse for the modern family structure. The smaller lofts are designed for the young urban person in mind. The unit is designed to be sparse but with built-in opportunities for growth in the future. 

Stay tuned for more details on this project. 

Urbanica Inc submits proposal for Dudley Street Commercial site

Urbanica Inc. has submitted its proposal for the Dudley Street commercial site. Our proposal is to fully realize the vision of a cultural center and develop a "Teacher's Place". This concept features mixed income housing and an educational center for teachers, educational support staff, as well as other families. The Teacher's Place is designed  to create a community of like-minded individuals who live, learn and support the neighborhood.

In Boston, two issues reported repeatedly are that educators cannot afford to live where they teach and that there are not enough minority educators. At Teacher's Place, increased affordable housing choices will retain educators in the community and attract more minorities to work in the educational industry.

The project will build 261 units of housing with 210 parking spaces. 100 units will be homeownership condos and 161 units will be rental apartments. 202 or 77% of all units will be affordable or workforce housing for families earning between 30% and 100% AMI.

Over 15,000 Sq Ft of the ground floor development will be commercial space, including an educational "Q space" that offers customized training programs, a micro market with small stalls for local businesses to grow, a kitchen incubator, gym and common room for residents, as well as a few other retail spaces for medium sized businesses.

Teacher's Place looks to creates a synergy with the existing resources, strengthening the identity of Dudley Square.