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Rear View towards Fort Hill Monument
Interior Views

Located at the Fort Hill neighborhood of Roxbury, the parcel of land at 118-120 Marcella Street, Boston 02119 is nestled within a dynamic and diverse community that is full of energetic urban streetscapes. The tree-lined residential streets offer varied housing opportunities and thriving local businesses.

Neighborhood Map

The program at E+_118 Marcella calls for a compact, flexible and environmentally sustainable building design of 3 residential units approximately 4,200 gsf +/- with 2 on-site tandem parking spaces, trash area and other service spaces. All 3 units are market-rate homeownership units, with a 15 year Owner Occupancy provision.The unit types proposed are as follows: 
  • One Unit of a 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom Flat Unit
  • Two Units of a 2 Bedrooms 1.5 Bathroom Duplex Units

Program Diagram

Floor Plans

E+_118 Marcella Street’s contextually sensitive design is integrated into the streetscape by blending the new and the old. The design is contextually influenced by the existing architectural characters of the surrounding homes. Elements of texture, color, roof shape, window proportions, angular bays, balconies and entries are carefully and sensitively crafted to offer a more contemporary interpretation of a 21st century residential building. 

Contextual Design Response Diagram
Left: Front Elevation; Middle: Side Elevation; Right: Rear Elevation
E+_118 Marcella Street will employ the strategy of a sustainable urban garden for this proposal. Despite the small footprint, the goal is to have a high impact landscaping for the senses. The small patch of landscaping located at the front yard along Marcella Street will offer a buffer zone and privacy screen for the first floor unit. The material and planting palette will rely on bright and scent-inducing type plants to provide a feast of the senses. 
Landscape Plan
E+_118 Marcella Street is targeted to be LEED for Homes v4 Platinum, with a preliminary score of 85 points with 10 extra “Maybe” points.

Section Diagram of Green and Sustainable Features

E+_118 Marcella Street is designed to be energy positive. The Home Energy Rating System (HERS) score is targeted to be at least an average HERS -11 range +/- (Proposal Case: 300W Panel, Ducted Minisplit Sytem). Using a superefficient and high output 350W panel (Extreme Case: 350W Panels, Ductless Minisplit), the building is rated to even break HERS -32 for one of the units.

The proposal fundamentally considers its spatial efficiencies, day lighting, thermal comfort , and incorporates a practical layout. The design is based in a holistic approach toward sustainability, using both low and high technologies in creative, efficient ways at all levels. The proposal incorporates super-insulated building envelope, efficient heating and cooling and energy recovery ventilation techniques. 

Urbanica is committed to achieving the Boston Resident Job Policy for diversity in the workforce. We will use our best efforts to meet the 51% Boston residents, 40% people of color and 12% women workforce participation goals. We will try our best to have meaningful participation of MWBEs at different stages of the development.

A community meeting will be held to get feedback from the public. Please join us at 9:00AM on April 7, 2018 at Shelburne Community Center, 2730 Washington St, Roxbury, Boston MA 02119.

Please click HERE or email to send your comments to John Feuerbach (Project Manager at DND). 

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