Friday, July 13, 2012


Extract from the Editorial on the Boston Globe, July 09 2012

Ou latest project--the Melnea Hotel and Residences at Parcel 9 Roxbury is in the news again. The July 09 2012  editorial on the Boston Globe highlights the importance of our proposal in the revitalization of the Dudley Square neighborhood. To read the rest of the Boston Globe editorial, please [CLICK HERE]

Neighborhood revitalization is a core value  that we hold dear to. We strongly believe that good design and responsible development can vastly improve the quality of life for inner-city residents. 

We could not agree more to the statement made by the Chairman of the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan Oversight Committee, Darnell Williams, that inner city projects need to be commercially dynamic. It needs to more than mega-institutional projects. The vitality and energy of neighborhoods have to extend beyond the 9-5 schedule. We are confident that our proposal for a hotel, retail spaces and residential buildings will be crucial in providing the spark for neighborhood activities around the clock. 

Without a doubt, the upcoming Melnea Cass Boulevard developments are signs of greater things to come for the Roxbury neighborhood.